There have been many exciting new features, as well as Pokémon that have been revealed for Pokémon Sun and Moon, but nothing as interesting and mysterious as “Ultra Beasts”. Ultra Beasts are described as “mysterious creatures” that “pose a threat to humans and Pokémon, so they are feared.” All Ultra Beasts are given code names and are supposed to be attacking the Alola region for an unknown reason. The only three Ultra Beasts that have been revealed so far are UB-01, UB-02 Absorption, and UB-O2 Beauty.

UB-02 Beauty

I have a few theories regarding Ultra Beasts, that include them not being Pokémon at all, which means they could be an advanced alien species. The information that we know so far about Ultra Beasts is they are “threat to humans and Pokémon“. You could simply explain this quote by saying that they are Pokémon who pose a threat to their own species, but if you continue reading the information given, “mysterious creatures known as Ultra Beasts” and “according to rumor, multiple Ultra Beasts exist, each of them called by a code name.”

Almost every tidbit of information on the Pokémon website, regarding Ultra Beasts, says and implies that Ultra Beasts are mysterious creatures, who are attacking the Alola region for an unknown reason, and they have strange appearances that make some parts of them un-identifiable. This information implies that Ultra Beasts are very much alien-like creaturesAlso, Ultra Beasts have abilities that make them seem overly powerful and possibly stronger than even Legendary Pokémon. All of this information makes me believe Ultra Beasts are neither an experimentation, such as Mewtwo or simply Pokémon, because of all these subtle hints point towards them being alien-like creatures. If Ultra Beasts weren’t alien-like creatures there would be at least one mention of them being Pokémon or at the very least they would be named Ultra Pokémon or something along those lines, if that were the case.

UB-02 Absorption
UB-02 Absorption

The other theory I have about Ultra Beats (so far) is that they will be catchable in the game despite them (possibly) being their own type of species altogether, neither human or Pokémon. I believe Ultra Beasts will attempt to beat you in the game, whether you start searching for them or they feel that you have become a threat to their plans, whatever their plans may be. I think once you’ve defeated them in a battle you will receive them in a much weaker form that isn’t as powerful as the original Ultra Beast. But, I still think Ultra Beasts will still be attainable in a form that has the fundamental look and abilities of the original.

I came to this conclusion of capturing and obtaining Ultra Beasts because of Mega Man. In Mega Man (usually) when you defeat a boss you would receive them in a weaker form so that they aren’t OP, but this version still has the fundamental abilities and look of the original. This is how I came to the conclusion of how you would obtain Ultra Beasts, especially if they are their own race/species that doesn’t include them being a Pokémon.

Thank you for reading my very first “Theory Tuesday” article. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you have any criticism I would be happy to hear it so that I can improve upon future Theory Tuesday articles.

Do you think Ultra Beasts are Pokémon or their own species? Do you think they will be obtainable in some form? Overall, what are your thoughts on Ultra Beasts? Let me know in the comments below.

  • My personal theory (which is admittedly a lot like yours) is that they’ll be catchable Pokemon in some way. I mean, they’ve got all the prequisite information there. Like (considering you battle them in game) stats, moves, some sort of typing or ability etc. And heck, their descriptions on the official site even sound like they could be from Pokedex entries for them.

    I also read somewhere that one of the people ‘leaking’ information on this game included them in a chart showing other new Pokemon reveals. This again hints that they’ll indeed be a form of Pokemon at some point.

    Will they be weakened in catchable form like you said? Well, I’m skeptical. After all, look at the pictures showing the player fighting them. That seems like the early to mid game if you ask me, hinting that at best, they’re about as powerful as a legendary Pokemon of some kind. And given that the likes of Mega Mewtwo, Primal Groudon and Mega Rayquaza are seen as ‘balanced’ for normal gameplay, it’s likely these won’t be too powerful either.

    So yeah, I’m guessing you’ll be able to catch them at some point.

    • I really think that you will be able to catch them in a different form, but you may be right on a mid-game Ultra Beast battle. I never thought about a mid-game Ultra Beast battle, which could possibly make the main story very interesting. If the Ultra Beasts are introduced properly in the game, unlike the legendary swordsman in BW2 then it could make for an interesting game.

      I guess time will tell as to how you will catch the Ultra Beasts.

  • Dragons Of Unova

    The possibilities are that they could be alien… or they could be something artificial created by humans in secret… I think the Aether Foundation has something to do with it. There was a tumblr post I read somewhere that made a pretty convincing case (as convincing as you can get on limited info haha) for the theory that the ultra beasts were once humans, experimented on by the Aether Foundation.