Hello Pokémon fans! Today is our first of two “Halloween Special” articles. This first article will be showcasing the top “10 Best Pokémon Cosplay Outfits & Costumes”. There were so many amazing Pokémon related costumes and outfits that people have made, so if you disagree with my choices feel free to let me know. There was simply an overwhelming amount of outfits and costumes to pick from, so without further ado let’s take a look at the top 10.

Note: To navigate this specific article you will need to click the “next” button at the bottom of every page to see the 9th best Pokémon cosplay up to the overall best Pokémon cosplay (as well as one that didn’t necessarily make the cut).

10Hilda?!?! Twins?!?!

The first cosplay is a simple outfit based off the main female protagonist of Pokémon Black and White who’s name is Hilda (but her name can be changed if she is chosen as the player’s avatar). Iblack_white_hilda chose this cosplay outfit as the 10th best, because of it’s simplicity and being very spot on to the original character’s artwork. It is very simple for almost anyone to do, but it is very recognizable because of the simple short-ripped jeans, the bag, the hat, the hair color, and the plain white t-shirt. Almost anyone can easily make this outfit and wear it. That’s the premise of Halloween, which is for anyone to be able to get into a costume that is affordable, recognizable, and represents someone’s interests.



Cosplayer: AmyThunderbolt